Get Ready...

Overall Cashpot, keeps count of how many coins you have. This will be saved after every session for when you return.

Fruit values

All of 1 fruit on winline rewards;

Cherries: 50

Strawberries: 100

Apples: 150

Oranges: 200

Coconuts: 300

Watermelons: 500

Roses: 1000

Bells: 2000

Stars: 3500

Diamonds: 5000

Gold Coins: 10000

Wilds: Start Feature!

Term descriptions

Feature board: A bonus game which will allow you to progressively build up different things which, if won, can be used to win more coins.

Reel strikes: A random fruit on the currently visible fruits will flash on a timeout, when you click, the fruit you have landed on will be what you will win if you collect. If you have more than 1 reel strike, you can gamble and try again to land on a fruit with a higher win value, or you can collect what you have landed on already. Careful, once you are on your last reel strike, you have to collect whatever it lands on!

Nudges: Moves a reel down by one fruit at a time.

Reverse Nudges: Moves a reel up by one fruit at a time.

Streaks: The reels will do a win spin continuously until the streak has ended and you will receive the respective coins for each win it produces.

Stoppa Reel: Single reels will take turns to continuously spin. Click anywhere on the screen to stop each reel on any fruit of your choice. The reels will get faster as you go along.

This is the info container, it will pop up and tell you special information about your current go, so keep an eye on it!

Press the space bar to spin the reels, providing you have enough coins. Spins cost 50 coins

Press the space bar to roll the dice. The sum of both dice will then be used to move you around the board by that amount.

Press key to gamble higher, providing the current number is than 12.

Press key to gamble lower, providing the current number is than 1.

Higher & Lower rolls which are successful will give you the current square value again. Careful.. Unsuccessful rolls will give you Game Over! *

Press the enter button to collect at any time.Coins, nudges, reel strikes and streak will continuously flash in turn, press enter key again whilst one of them is highlighted, to collect that particular thing. it will then be applied back at the fruit machine. Alternatively press space bar to roll again and cancel collect. *

* Does not apply on Mystery Squares

This is your number reel. Numbers will appear in the bottom right of some pictures on each reel, if one of these lands on the winline, number reel will turn to the sum of all numbers on the winline. Orange backgrounds on a number on this reel indicate a special number, the first being a bonus and the last starting the feature board.

If you have a hold/nudge, left click on the button underneath the reel you wish to nudge/hold.

Nudge counter, keeps count of your currently earned nudges.

Cashpot, keeps count of your current coins.